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 Glossary (R) 
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Radiation occurs when a StarPort is destroyed. The duration of Radiation is dependent upon the games edits as configured by the SysOp/GameOp. Attempting to Dock at a StarPort with active Radiation within the sector will destroy the players Ship.

Random Seed
The Random Seed is a code used internally by the TWGS to create the sectorial configuration of a games universe, referring specifically to the Warp Counts and Warp Paths. This is usually chosen to be a random process, although the SysOp/GameOp may also manually enter a prior generated Random Seed to use a pre-configured or a prior Banged universe for a game they wish to Bang.

Refers to a player with a negative alignment; an “evil” player. Reds are allowed to steal and rob from ports with a 100 or greater negative Alignment, and are additionally permitted unscrupulous access to the Underground area of the StarDock. When performing Red credit producing tactics, generally their experience should be kept above 8,000 and below 32,000. This is to maintain the Red’s factoring variables so as to maintain their percentages on the higher end, thus resulting in higher profit returns and yields.

Reverse Haggle
The process of purchasing or selling products at the worst possible offer that will be accepted by the port, this as being of benefit to only the port for the purpose of stealing or robbing the lost credit back from the port.

An acronym for: Restructured Extended Executor, an interpreted programming language developed by IBM.

An acronym for: Real Life, referring to ones own real life occurrences.

An acronym for: Rob-Move-Rob, a Red credit-making tactic. This tactic is only effective if there are dozens of upgraded ports that have a large cache of credits on them, all in a generally relative area. This tactic involves using one pair of Ports at a time. Unless these conditions are met, using SST or SDT is more effective.

An acronym for: Rolling On the Floor Laughing/Rolling On The Floor Laughing.

An acronym for: Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Butt Off/Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Butt Off.

An acronym for: Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Freaking/F*cking Butt Off/Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Freaking/F*cking Butt Off.

Refers to when a player's or corporation's assets become dissolved do to that player or corporation being removed from the game by either not logging on within the set number of days to be considered an active player, manually by the SysOp or GameOp, or by all the members of a corporation abandoning their corporation while leaving corporate assets under that corporation. This action causes that player or corporation’s fighters, mines, ships, and planets to become unclaimed or essentially rogue.

An acronym for: Rob-Transport-Rob, a Red tactic used for generating credits. This requires two ships and two Ports with credits on-hand. The ships have to be under each Port. First a Red player robs one port and then transports to the other ship, robs that Port, and then transports back to the first ship. This is repeated until all of the credits are taken from the Port. This method can be very profitable, although the player must have a lot of experience (generally above 8,000) and Ports with a large cache of credits are required. This tactic is similar to DRTR.

A designated Class 0 Port and apart of the Major Shipping Lanes (MSL).

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