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 Glossary (P-Q) 
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Unread post Glossary (P-Q)
Refers to a Corporation of player’s whom have each proved themselves knowledgeable and skilled at all aspects the game.

These are offensive weapons that only designated ships can carry, as preferred by SysOps or GameOps. These are used primarily to deny other players turns, or during planetary invasions, though they have other uses. Also referred to as: Ptorp. The effects of photons are listed below:

When a manned ship is struck by a Photon In a turn limited game, the player hit will lose all their turns. They will recover turns normally, at the top of the hour.

In an Unlimited turn game, the photon will render the victim turnless for one minute for each second of the photon duration.
If equipped the ships IG will be turned off.
Any cloaked ships in the effected sector will be decloaked.
NOTE – Any manned ship armed with photons: one will detonate and have the same effect as if another player launched a photon at you each time Armid Mines, NavHaz, Offensive Fighters, or firing Q-Cannons are encountered.

The following will not detonate shipboard Photons
Being attacked by a port, (even when the port is destroyed, although the resulting NavHaz might still cause a reaction.)
Being struck with another player’s Photon.
Being attacked by another player’s fighters.
Picking up a Limpet Mine.
Encountering Defensive Fighters, regardless if you attack or retreat.
Encountering Tolled Fighters, regardless if you attack, pay, or retreat.
Attacking another player, trader, or alien regardless if you pod them or not, and regardless if they have Photons on them. Encountering Corbomite, (even if Podded, although the resulting NavHaz might still cause a reaction.)
Being attacked by Captain Zyrain for attempting to deploy fighters and/or mines in FedSpace.
NOTE – Manned and unmanned vessels-in-tow will never receive any damage or penalties.

When a planet is struck by a photon
If the planet has less then 200-Shields (Shielding is acquired at Level-5) the Planet will lose Military Reaction (if it is Level-2 or greater), the Q-Cannon will not fire (if it is Level-3 or greater), and the Planet will lose function of the PIG (if it is Level-6). These actions will occur throughout the duration of the Photon. Photons do not bypass Planetary Fighter Defenses when attempting to land; all Planetary Fighters will need to be destroyed prior to landing and gaining access to the Citadel. Lower Level-5 Planets are unable to defend against Photon strikes.

In-sector actions
Armid Mines deployed in the sector will not detonate during the photons duration. Limpet Mines deployed in the sector will function normally and are unaffected by Photons. Deployed in-sector fighters are dampened during the Photon duration and are bypassed, unless the planet(s) are protected from the effects of Photons, the Q-cannons will fire, thus resetting the sectors defensive actions, (so long as the Photons duration has ended before the last planets Q-cannon completes its firing cycle.)

An acronym for: Planetary Interdictor Generator, these are found on planets with a level-6 citadel. When turned on this prevents any non-corporate player or alien from leaving the sector the planet is located in. PIG's are not capable of preventing other planets from moving out of the sector. Each blocked attempt at an escape by a trapped player expends 500-units of Planetary Fuel Ore, once the PIG has consumed the Fuel Ore supply, it will no longer hold a fleeing player in-sector; if the PSS is inadequately shielded, the PIG will be dampened by from a Photon strike. PIG’s do not prevent players from Xporting into another ship.

Planet Busting
This is the process of popping planets and then detonating them as a continuous cycle. This is a method used mainly by Red players to quickly gain experience. Also referred to as: P-busting.

Planet Dropping
The tactic where a player stations in the Citadel of a mobile planet (using a Level-4 or greater), waiting for another player to enter a sector manned with fighters. After this occurs the player then warps the planet into that sector and attempt to SD or CAP them. Also referred to as: P-dropping.

Planet Nego
This refers to the selling of products from a Planet in bulk, this process follows different rules as opposed to Port-trading. The effectiveness of Planet Nego depends upon the configuration and settings of the game as designed by the SysOp or GameOp, these settings range from 20%-100% of the StarPorts standard MCIC purchasing rate.

Planet Overload
Refers to an invasion strategy that involves overloading an opponents sector with Planets, for the purpose of having them potentially collide with each other during Extern.

Planet Trading
Refers to the use of a mobile planet (Level-4 or greater), which is warped from port-to-port for the purpose of exchanging products for profit or for stockpiling Fuel Ore. 400-units of Fuel Ore is consumed by the Planetary Warp Drive per sector warped. Planet Trading follows the rules outlined in Planet Nego. Also referred to as: P-trading.

Refers to when a player loses their Ship during an attack, Blind Warping, or as an error on the user’s part and is either forced into their ships Escape Pod. Two Pods are issued per day per user. The daily Pod count is reset during Extern. Podding another player counts toward an SD or Kill. Also referred to as: Escape Pod.

This is correlated with the Blockading tactic and involves destroying Ports throughout the universe including and especially all Class 0 and Class 9 Ports. Port-blowing generates Radiation and NavHaz.

Port-pairs are ports that are located in adjoining or near-by sectors and both sell complimentary products, i.e. a SBS port and a BSB port that are next to each other is a Port-pair. This permits the player to buy goods from one port and sell it at the adjoining port and vice-versa.

An acronym for Port-pair Trading. This is the most basic profit making method in the game. It involves finding two ports that are near one another that sell and buy different products. This process works by the following principle: a player ports at the first port and buys, for example Equipment; then the player goes to the second port and sells off the Equipment, buys Organics and then goes back to the first port and sells the Organics. This process repeats until the port has reached its maximum buy/sell percentage or MCIC.

This is where you attempt to get a lock on a fig (For t-warp or P-warp), a preset photon, or you are attempting to kill a non-fedsafe person at dock. For the fig version, you simply enter the sector number the fig is in and when it says you are locked, and ready to transwarp, you wait for someone to hit the fig and then you can quickly move to the sector. You do almost the same thing with a photon, only you have pre-entered the sector number for the photon, so when someone hits the fig, you instantly hit enter and shoot them before they move. For killing at dock, you figure out what order the target player is in the list of people and ships at dock. Then you send the attack command and you say no to everything until you get to the ship or player RIGHT BEFORE your target. Then when your target lifts off dock, you hit a macro like "ny9999^M" to say no to the current guy, and yes to your target, and hopefully you will hit your target. Timing is everything with pre-locks.

This refers to the action of engaging in a massive launching of Probes throughout the universe in an attempt to gain intelligence information about other players, traders, and aliens whereabouts and Gridding patterns. Additionally, Probing serves to gain information on both Port and Dead-end availability and confirmation. Also referred to as: Dead-end Hunting, Probe Hunting.

Refers to using a planet’s TransWarp drive to move the planet to another sector, (this requires a level-4 or greater Citadel.) Moving a planet expends 400-units of Fuel Ore per sector moved, P-warping has no movement delay and uses no turns.

Qmodem Pro
A popular Telnet program. This program is no longer supported.

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