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 Glossary (C) 
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Unread post Glossary (C)
An acronym for: Capture, meaning to take possession of another player ship or Planet. Capping a Ship forces that player into their Escape Pod, if the Ship is equipped with an Escape Pod. Manned Ships that are not equipped with Escape Pods, are not capable of being Capped however, unmanned ships are regardless if they are equipped with an Escape Pod or not. Capping applies both to Alien and Trader ships as well as Planets. Unmanned Ships defend at ½ of their designated defensive odds.

Cap File
Refers to saving the game screen graphics display into a file by capturing it with the ‘Print Screen’ key or through the use of a Telnet or Proxy program for later review and critiquing.

Refers to when either Blue or Red players use their turns to earn credits from StarPorts, such as: when a Blue goes PPTing or when a Red uses various Rob and Steal tactics at StarPorts.

This is an acronym for: Computer, B-Self Destruct, Yes, the command given from the main prompt to self-destruct a players Ship. Performing a CBY, results in the player being SD until Extern, having the players experience reset to 0, and additionally penalizes a Blue player with a -10 Alignment or a Red player with a loss of 1/2 their acquired Alignment. Also known as: Self-Destructing.

An acronym for: Chief Executive Officer, referring to the player in charge of running and operating a Corporation. There can only one CEO assigned per Corporation.

Acronym for: Corporate Flag Ship.

An acronym for: Computer Interrogation Mode, which allows viewable access to the current data of all visited StarPorts, such as the Ports location, total product percentage remaining, product Buy/Sell type, and product quantities on-hand. CIM also permits access to all sector warp related information. The CIM is often used in ZTM processes. The CIM menu is accessed by pressing ‘^’ at any in-game prompt. NOTE – While in CIM no in-games messages will be received.

CIM Hunting
Refers to using the CIM data to track port changes in real-time, thus indicating that a player is trading at that port, thereby giving away their location leaving them vulnerable to an attack and/or allowing their travel patterns to be observed by all monitoring players.

This is the main control and operating facility on a developed Planet. All Planetary functions are configured within the Citadel, credits stored in the Citadel also earn 2% interest per day, (interest is accumulated per second, throughout the day using a linear function based on 24-hours.) Additionally, the Citadel permits Ship Swapping and provides a safe place for players to berth in providing the planet is adequately shielded from Photon attacks. Also referred to as: Cits.

Claimed Space
Refers to an area of space that is defined within the game as belonging to a certain Race of aliens, the sector display will identify which class of aliens monitor which sector or sectors. Aliens only claim space if they are active in the game as defined in the games initial settings and configuration for each class of alien, i.e. only alien classes configured to ‘Maintain a Home Sector’, will Claim Space. The determination of which sector or sectors they actual claim is a random process that involves a group of clustered sectors surrounding the original location of their own Planet, thus they will not claim new sectors as the game progresses from day to day, they will only monitor and patrol their defined space to ensure they maintain control of it and their own Planet at all costs. NOTE – Aliens are not limited to traveling about within their own defined space, though how frequently they move and their specific behavior is largely dependant upon the games settings for each class of alien within the game as configured by the SysOp or GameOp.

Class 0 Port
These are ports where you can buy Fighters, Holds, and Shields for your ship. There are three such ports created within the game: Alpha Centauri, Rylos, and Terra. (Pronounced as: Class Zero Port.) Additionally, there is a Class 0 Port build within the StarDock inside the Shipyards.

This refers to a game that has been Banged generally as a Stock Game, meaning that none or few of the default game settings have been altered by the SysOp or GameOp, i.e. a game with 1,000-sectors and 250-turns per day, etc. Also refers to any game that has Gold Mode disabled.

Cloak Busting
Refers to the act of Photoning a sector believed to contain a cloaked Ship after an anomaly has been detected through the use of a Density Scan.

Cloak Tow
Refers to when a Blue player (preferably FedSafe) that has a Red player in-tow before the Red player cloaks and exits, the Blue player then tows the Red into FedSpace and disengages the tow, thus virtually preventing the Red from being attacked or Photoned, while they are logged off.

This is an acronym for: Computer, Personal Settings, 9-Abort Display on Keys, the command given from the main prompt to change your abort display. This setting effects the way Scripts process within the game, by configuring if the display of screen text information can be aborted and how, i.e. All Keys (effectively, any key pressed will stop the incoming graphics and text and move on to the new prompt) or Space (effectively, only the space bar will stop the incoming graphics and text and move onto the next prompt.) ANSI ‘CN1’ needs to be enabled to abort incoming text.

Being a part of the Resource Acquisitioning aspect within TradeWars, this refers the process of gathering Colonists, from either Terra or another Colonized Planet and placing them on a usually new Planet in-order to develop and advance the level of its Citadel or to increase the Planets production rates. Colonists are transported through the use of a Ships Holds. Also referred to as: Colo-running.

An acronym for: Colonial Transport Ship.

Combat Scanner
Ship's equipped with a Combat Scanner are capable of detecting the current Shielding levels of opposing vessels.

Refers to when a players wishes to become Blue, they must meet the requirements by either obtaining a positive 500-alignment and then request a commission from the Police Station, which will automatically raise your alignment to a positive 1,000, or by obtaining a positive 1,000-alignment on their own to become commissioned automatically, (i.e. by upgrading ports, attacking evil aliens or players, and creating planets, etc.) A commission entitles a player access to a broader range of ships (according to the SysOps or GameOps preferences), and additionally allows the player to lock onto FedSpace for Twarping. A commission also requires the player to pay Federation taxes, as any player with a 0 or greater Alignment; payable once per day upon the player’s first login each day after Extern has occurred, (see Taxation for further description.) Also referred to as a: Commed, Commish.

Short for: Communications referring either to the use of contacting another player or players via the Federation comm-Link ‘`’, Hailing frequencies ‘=’, or Sub-space Radio ‘‘’.

A popular scripting/programming editor, which includes the ability to install custom language highlighters including: Java, REXX, and TWX, (these can be located on the developer’s Website on the Highlighters page.)

Short for: Corbomite, an explosive device that is triggered when a Ship equipped with it has been destroyed, thus causing extensive damage to the attacking ship. Each Corbomite device is capable of causing 20-points of damage to the attacking vessel. The number of these devices allowable per Ship is configured by the SysOp or GameOp.

Short for: Corporate Member, as referring to those players serving together as a team on the same Corporation against other Corporations and players that are participating in the game. Also referred to as: Corp-mate.

Corporate Strategy
This refers to the specific roll and assigned task that each player within a Corporation is assigned to perform. These can include, although are not limited to:

Refers to a tactic used by opposing players to either gain Experience, raise or lower their Alignment, or Capture the other players Ship, this is achieved by the involved players attacking one another, with one lending favor to the other for the purpose of achieving their agreed purpose or motive.

An acronym for Corp Wars, an annual TradeWars 2002 tournament.

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