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 Glossary (B) 
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Unread post Glossary (B)
This Refers to a warp that permits a vessel to Warp-out to an Adjacent Sector, though does not allow the vessel to Adjacent Return. For example, if the StarDock is in sector 11 and sectors 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25 are all two-way sectors that lead both to and from the StarDock and another Adjacent Sector 45 also allows access to sector 11, but does not allow the player to Adjacent Return to sector 45 from the StarDock, then sector 45 would be considered a backdoor to the StarDock. Also referred to as: One-way.

Refers to when a game is recreated by the SysOp or GameOp. Banging a game resets everything over again to permit all players a fresh start and recreates the universe, depending on the Random Seed that is used. During the process of Banging a game the SysOp or GameOp is capable of changing or altering the actual settings of the prior games Edits, thus it is important to check for any variations that might have occurred since the last game, as the SysOp or GameOp may not necessarily advise their players of these changes or additions to the newly Banged game, i.e. new Ships may have been added or their individual settings may have been altered, prices may have changes, Photon settings may have been changed, etc. Also referred to as a Rebang.

Refers to the stronghold sector where a player or Corporation keeps their cache of Credits, Fighters, Shields, Ships, and the members of the Corporation stay grouped together while inactively AFK, have finished playing their turns for the day, or have temporally logged off for RL responsibilities. Also referred to as: Home, Home Base, Home Sector.

Battle of the Solo’s
An annual TradeWars 2002 solo-player vs. solo-player tournament, with the player obtaining the most Kills is championed as the winner.

Big Game
An annual TradeWars 2002 tournament.

Black Hole
Black Holes are sectors that have one or more ways in, but no way out. These are created manually by the SysOp or GameOp, as the games default settings do not allow these anomalies to occur. Once a player enters one, either with a planet or ship it will no longer be able to leave that sector, although the player will still be able to Xport themselves into another ship.

Blind Warp
Refers to when a player attempts to Bwarp or Twarp to a sector without at least one of their Fighters first being posted in that sector, (either deployed as Corporate or Personal.) Performing a Blind Warp places the player at the risk Fusing. Also referred to as: Blind Jumping.

This refers to the strategy of blocking the access to all Class 0 and Class 9 ports using Fighters, Armid Mines, Limpet Mines, and/or Planets. Also see: Buy-out and Port-blowing.

Refers to a player with a positive 1 or greater Alignment. Blues are considered to be a “good” player, which serves for the good of a cause and strives for fairness throughout the universe. Blue players are bound by the traditions and regulations of the Federation.

BOT is an abbreviation for robotic, referring to the use of a Script or Helper utility that permits several allied players or a Corporation of players to remotely access other players that are AFK for the purpose of assisting them in various tasks such as: Buydowns, Blue/Red Cashing, Furbing, Planet driving, sector guarding, etc. BOT’s are also capable of running various on-trigger Macro’s.

An acronym for: Battle Of The Elite, a yearly TradeWars 2002 tournament. The BOTE originally derived from the time when BBS‘s were popular as a tournament for the skilled players within a localized area to compete against one another for the pride and sportsmanship of their favorite BBS.

An acronym for: By The Way.

This is a group of two or more sectors that can only be accessed through a single sector known as a Door or Gateway. Most player’s setup their planets within these Bubbles so that they only need to defend the Door or Gateway, thus protecting all of the sectors located behind the Door or Gateway, i.e. sectors 4, 100, and 245 connect to 5, which leads to sector 6, which leads to sector 7, which finally leads to a Dead-end sector 8; and each the sectors 5-6-7-8 permit travel directly back to at least sector 4 (thus leading back to open-space); this would be considered a 4-sector bubble and sector 4 or 5 would be considered the Door or Gateway, although in most cases sector 5 would serve as a better Door as it is hidden more-so out of the Open Space view of passing travelers.

Refers to when a Red player is caught stealing or robbing from a StarPort, resulting in a Bust or getting Busted; which puts that player on that StarPorts “Bust List” until either another Red player Busts at that StarPort or the Bust List has cleared. Bust Lists are cleared per the game settings, as determined by the SysOp or GameOps preferences. The Reds chances of getting caught are the same at any StarPort where they haven't been Busted, generally this works to a ratio of 1:50. The penalties for Busting while stealing result in the Red loosing 10-precent of their acquired Experience and 9-percent of the number of shipboard Holds used in the failed steal attempt. The penalties for Busting while robbing equate to a 10-percent loss of the Reds acquired Experience and a loss of shipboard Holds equal to 1-percent of the total Credits that the Red attempted to rob. NOTE – A Ships Holds will never go below one during this process.

Bust Clearing
When stealing or robbing from StarPorts, TradeWars only keeps track of the last player who Busted there. Clearing these Busts takes two Red players. This process goes into effect when the first Red Busts at a Port, then the second Red takes over until they Bust. Then the first Red is free to use that Port again, since the Port no longer has a record of the first Red Busting there, (this method is repeated as necessary.)

Bust Locking
Refers to when two Reds are Cashing by running only a pair of Ports simultaneously and each one Busts, those Ports would be considered Bust Locked and another Port would be needed in-order to clear the Bust Lock from the original two Ports, Bust Locking can be avoided by running three or more Ports simultaneously with either a Ship or Planet posted at each Port.

Refers to the process of purchasing all on-hand products from a StarPort.

The process of draining a Ports selling products and dumping them onto an in-sector Planet. This could be for the purposes of stockpiling products, setting up for Red stealing/trading tactics, or performing Planet Nego’s.

This is correlated with Blockading and refers to the strategy of buying all of the available Ships from the Shipyard or by creating planets until the maximum allowable number in the game has been reached. The maximum allowable for these settings are determined by the SysOp or GameOp.

Refers to the use of a Planet transporter pad to beam to another sector, similar to that of using a Ships transporter pad. Bwarp is available as soon as a Citadel reaches level 1. Bwarping uses 10-units of Fuel Ore from Planetary resources per sector Bwarped, additionally Bwarping has no movement delay and costs only one turn per Bwarp. Also referred to as: Tpad.

An acronym for: Bring Your Own Corporation, usually this used in reference to an annual TradeWars 2002 tournament game, though can also refer to a tournament type game were the players are to setup their own Corporations.

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