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[^] I am new to the game and would like to know if there is something with the coeds and stuff so I can print them out??
It is really hard to remember them all till I get use to this game and easier to look them all up.


Sat Feb 14, 2004 6:50 pm
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huh? I'll assume you meant codes, not coeds, but I'm not sure what codes you're talking about?

Sat Feb 14, 2004 8:10 pm
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TWGS has a neat help menu built in if you press "?" at each prompt. You can capture it and print it out. Are those the codes that you mean? There is also a built in help file you can access if you hit "I" instead of "T" to start up the Tradewars game. Capture that and print it out too. I hope this helps you.

I'm getting too old for this sort of thing.

I am from District 268

Sat Feb 14, 2004 9:02 pm

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Trade Wars 2002 v3 Commands

#### Global Commands ####
<`> Federation Comm-Link
<'> Sub-Space Radio
<=> Hailing Frequencies
<;> Tavern Chat
<#> Who's Playing
<@> Game Status
</> Quick-stats
<|> Toggle Comm Silence
<^> Enter Computer Interrogation Mode (CIM)
<&> Toggle Screen Pauses
<\> Toggle Online Auto Flee
<*> List All Globals

#### Command Prompt Commands ####
<D> Re-Display Sector
<P> Port and Trade
<M> Move to a Sector
<L> Land on a Planet
<S> Long Range Scan
<R> Release Beacon
<W> Tow SpaceCraft
<N> Move to NavPoint
<Q> Quit and Exit
<C> Onboard Computer
<X> Transporter Pad
<I> Ship Information
<T> Corporate Menu
<U> Use Genesis Torp
<J> Jettison Cargo
<B> Interdict Ctrl
<!> Main Menu Help
<Z> TradeWars Docs
<A> Attack Enemy Ship
<E> Sub-space EtherProbe
<F> Take or Leave Fighters
<G> Show Deployed Fighters
<H> Handle Space Mines
<K> Show Deployed Mines
<O> Starport Construction
<Y> Set NavPoints
<V> View Game Status

#### Computer Prompt commands ####
<F> Course Plotter
<I> Inter Sector Warps
<K> Your Known Universe
<R> Port Report
<U> T-warp preference
<V> Avoid Sectors
<X> List Current Avoids
<A> Make Announcement
<B> Begin Self Destruct
<N> Personal Settings
<O> Change Ship Settings
<P> Fire Photon Missile
<M> Read Your Mail
<S> Send Mail
<T> Current Ship Time
<W> Use Mine Disruptor
<C> View Ship Catalog
<D> Scan Daily Log
<E> Evil Trader Class
<G> Good Trader Class
<H> Alien Trader Rank
<J> Planetary Specs
<L> List Trader Rank
<Y> Personal Planets
<Z> Active Ship Scan
<!> Computer Help
<;> Scan Current Ship
<Q> Exit Computer

#### Corporate Commands ####
<D> Display Corporations
<J> Join a Corporation
<M> Make a New Corporation
<Q> QUIT Corp Menu
Existing Corporations
<C> Credit Transfer
<F> Fighter Transfer
<H> Mine Transfer
<S> Shields Transfer
<X> Leave Your Corporation
<L> List Corporate Planets
<!> Corporation Help
<A> Show Corporate Assets & Member Locations
<T> Send Corporate Memo
CEO only
<P> Corporate Security
<R> Drop Corporate Member

#### Planet Commands ####
<A> Take All Products
<C> Enter Citadel
<D> Display Planet
<M> Change Military Levels
<O> Claim Ownership of planet
<P> Change Population Lvls
<S> Load/Unload Colonists
<T> Take or Leave Product
<Z> Try to Destroy Planet
<!> Planetary Help
<Q> Leave this Planet

#### Citadel Commands ####
<!> Citadel Help
<B> Transporter Control
<C> Engage Ship's Computer
<D> Display Traders Here
<E> Exchange Trader Ships
<G> Shield Generator Control
<I> Personal Info
<L> Quasar Cannon R-Level
<M> Military Reaction Level
<N> Interdictor Control
<P> Planetary TransWarp
<R> Remain here overnight
<S> Scan this sector
<T> Treasury Fund Transfers
<U> Upgrade Citadel
<V> Evict the other Traders
<X> Corporation Menu
<Q> Leave the Citadel

#### Stardock Commands ####
<!> Stardock Help
<C> The CinePlex Videon Theatres
<G> The 2nd National Galactic Bank
<H> The Stellar Hardware Emporium
<L> The Libram Universitatus
<P> The Federal Space Police HQ
<S> The Federation Shipyards
<T> The Lost Trader's Tavern
<U> The Underground (199 or fewer alignment to enter)
<Q> Return to your ship and leave

#### Galactic Bank Commands ####
<D> Make a Deposit
<E> Examine Balance
<T> Transfer Funds
<W> Withdraw Funds
<Q> Leave the Bank

#### Hardware Emporium Commands ####
<!> Hardware Emporium Help
<A> Atomic Detonators
<B> Marker Beacons
<C> Corbomite Devices
<D> Cloaking Devices
<E> SubSpace Ether Probes
<F> Planet Scanners
<L> Limpet Tracking Mines
<M> Space Mines
<P> Photon Missiles
<R> Long Range Scanners
<S> Mine Disruptors
<T> Genesis Torpedoes
<W> TransWarp Drives
<Y> Psychic Probes
<Q> Leave the Emporium

#### The Libram Universitatus Commands ####
<A> Archive of Alien Races
<B> Archive of Galactic Organizations
<C> Miscellaneous Documents
<Q> To Leave

#### Federal Space Police HQ Commands ####
<!> FedPolice Help
<A> Apply for a Federal Commission
<C> Claim a Federation Reward
<E> Examine the Ten Most Wanted List
<P> Post a Reward on someone
<Q> Leave the Police Station

#### Federation Shipyards Commands ####
<!> Shipyards Help
<B> Buy a New Ship
<S> Sell extra Ships
<E> Examine Ship Specs
<P> Buy Class 0 Items
<R> Change Ship Registration
<Q> Leave the Shipyards

#### Lost Trader's Tavern Commands ####
<;> Chat with fellow bar-mates
<!> Tavern Help
<A> Make an Announcement
<B> Buy something from the bar
<C> Eavesdrop on conversations
<E> Order some food
<G> Try your hand at Tri-Cron
<T> Talk to the grimy Trader in back
<U> Use the facilities
<Q> Leave the Tavern

#### Underground Commands ####
<C> Collect on Contract
<H> View Hit Contracts
<N> Get your Name Changed
<P> Place a Contract
<Q> Leave this place

#### Port Commands ####
<A> Attack this Port
<R> Rob this Port (-100 alignment or more)
<T> Trade at this Port
<Q> Quit, nevermind

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Sat Feb 14, 2004 10:07 pm
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I think I can help you out with understanding alot of the aspects of the game, but I need to know a little more about what info you are looking for. Please be a little more specific, and I will answer any questions you might have.


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Fri Feb 27, 2004 3:14 am
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