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 Glossary (A) 
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Adjacent Return
Refers to an Adjacent Sector that permits a vessel the ability to Warp back into the originating sector as an Adjacent Sector.

Adjacent Sector
Refers to each individual sector that surrounds a given sector, regardless if the sector permits a vessel to Adjacent Return or not.

An acronym for: As Far As I Know.

An acronym for: Away From Keys, referring to a player currently not being at their keyboard to monitor their games action for a period of time.

Alien Farming
Refers to a tactic that exploits aliens by allowing them to build up the resources on an abandoned or Rogue Planet within their own Claimed Space; the player keeps this Planet or Planets hidden within a sector in their own possession, thereby taking advantage of the aliens Planetary maintenance abilities at no cost or little cost to the player. Additionally, to allow the aliens to stock Fighters on the Planet a clear path from and to the Planet and a Class 0 Port must be maintained.

This is a measure of how good or evil a player is. Negative numbers indicate that a player is evil; also referred to as a “Red” player. Positive numbers indicate that a player is good, also referred to as a “Blue” player. Having an Alignment of 0 means a player is neutral. Once a positive Alignment of 500 is obtained a player can apply at the Police Station of the StarDock for a Federation Commission, which will bring their Alignment up to a positive 1,000; thus allowing them Federation privileges. A negative Alignment of at least 100 allows a player to rob/steal from StarPorts, and a positive Alignment of 199 or less allows that player access to the Underground area located at the StarDock. A player with an Alignment of less then 0 may not enter the Police Station.

Alignment Flipping
This refers to a tactic used by both opposing players and Corporations to either raise or lower their Alignment; depending upon the Alignment of the other player’s Corporate or Personal Fighters. Alignment Flipping is achieved by the involved players taking turns setting out their Fighters in a sector to be attacked by the opposing player or their own Corpie; this is performed until the desired Alignment has been obtained. If the Fighters are set as "Corporate Fighters" then the Corporations Alignment will be assigned to the Fighters and if the Fighters are set as "Personal Fighters" then the Alignment of the player that set the Fighters out will be assigned to the deployed fighters.
NOTE – A Corporation is not permitted to attack any of its own Fighters or Ships if they are deployed as “Corporate”, though if deployed as “Personal” they may be attacked, by any other player; as well no player can attack their own Fighters or Ships regardless of their deployment setting.

Alpha Centauri
A designated Class 0 Port and is apart of the Major Shipping Lanes (MSL).

This is an advanced tactic used to CAP, Pod, or SD players who get towed from FedSpace during Extern for violating FedSpace Law. An AMTRAK is setup by mapping out all of the Major Shipping Lanes (MSL) and completely surrounding all FedSpace and MSL Warp-out sectors with Fighters, thus encasing any to-be-towed player(s). At Extern when the player(s) get towed, they will be towed to a random sector within this virtual “bubble” along the MSL’s. After Extern is complete the attacking player then simply Mwarps along the “tracks” or MSL’s, looking for the recently towed player(s) and CAP’s. Pods, or SD’s them. If a towed player is cloaked, they will first need to be Cloak Busted prior to being CAP’ed, Podded, or SD’ed.

Armid Mines
These are Mines that can be placed in any non-FedSpace sector, for the purpose of causing damage to passing Ships, each Armid Mine is capable of causing up to 30-points of damage to the intruding vessel. Up to 250-Armid Mines can be placed in each sector. These mines can be bypassed by Photon dampening. Each activation will set off 1/2 of the total in-sector Armid Mines, the actual damage caused is random. Only one player may control Armid Mine deployment in a given sector at a time.

An acronym for: At The Keys, referring to a player being physically at their keyboard to monitor their games activities.

An acronym for: At The Moment. ATM is also used to refer to the player within a Corporation that has been designated to safe-keep the majority of the Corporations Credits until they have a Citadel available to store their accumulated funds. The player designated as the ATM is usually responsible for disbursing funds to the rest of the Corporation as instructed by their CEO.

Atomic Detonators
These are used by Ships to destroy Planets, they can only be armed after landing on a Planet. Extreme caution should be used when placing these devices on Colonized Planets, as there is a chance that the occupying Colonists may detonate these devices as they attempt to disarm them; if this occurs prior to the fleeing player clearing that Planet’s atmosphere, the player will become Podded or SD'ed from the detonation’s blast. Any other players on the Planet at the time of the explosion will also be either Podded or SD’ed.

A TradeWars 2002 advanced terminal Helper program; offering both REXX and ZOC scripting capabilities, through the REGINA Parser. Created by Earth; ATTAC was originally written in VB, though as since been revised in both C and C++.

Your reliance upon subjective IRM's, subjugates you through utter omission, obfuscation, and distortion of fact!
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except for the original ATTAC it was in VB.

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quote:Originally posted by Vulcan

except for the original ATTAC it was in VB.

I remember that... those were good times! Finally, I didn't have to SST by hand.. lol :)


edit: I forgot to add a 'e' in 'those' lol

Tue Jun 27, 2006 9:45 pm
Unread post Glossary A
Could we get someone to put together a glossary of all of the “FE” acronyms and sticky it somewhere to help out me and the other noobs figure out what is being said most of the time.



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Unread post Re: Glossary (A)
“FE” acronyms

Not sure what you mean by this? Terms like SST or SSM ?

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