Glossary (X-Y-Z)
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Author:  RexxCrow [ Tue Jun 27, 2006 9:49 am ]
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This refers to transporting from one ship to another via the ships transporter pad.

ZOC is a Mini-host telnet program written using REXX, ZOC v4.15 is popularly used by TradeWars 2002 players as it supports the famous RevHelper line of Scripts. ZOC is much more powerful than a standard TradeWars 2002 Helper, as it was designed as a Terminal Emulator and SSH Client. Version 4.15 is the most current version capable of supporting RevHelper’s Scripts and is available at for download at: ‘grimytrader.com’, as newer versions are no longer compatible, with RevHelper’s Scripts. Created by: EmTech Innovative Software.

An acronym for: Zero Turn Mapping. This consists of using a helper or script to map the universe, while in CIM. This does not cost the player any turns and affords the player the ability to accurately obtain the sectorial layout of the universe. ZTM data is pertinent to the proper and effective operation of most helpers, scripts, and utilities. Please, read the instructions that came with your helper, script, or utility for further clarification.

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