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 Glossary (I) 
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Unread post Glossary (I)
An acronym for: Interdictor Generator, these are equipped on certain Ships per the SysOp or GameOps preferences. When online IG’s prevent any Non-Corporate player or Alien from leaving the sector that the IGing Ship is in, unless the occurrence is within FedSpace. IG’s are capable of holding multiple players and or Aliens. The use of a Photon will knock a shipboard IG offline and will not function during the dampening period, (unless the Ship is on a properly shielded Planet at the time of the Photon strike.) Additionally, IG’s go offline each time a player logs-off or Xports into another vessel. IG's are not capable of preventing other Planets from warping out of the sector or players from Xporting into another Ship.

Interactive Sub-Prompts
Interactive Sub-Prompts are enabled/disabled by the SysOp or GameOp, the status of this setting is not displayed in the game settings information, although they are important to note for Scripting purposes. The function of this setting is to include additional Sub-Prompts within the games main prompts that serve to alert players of various actions and activities, such as during attacks. Also referred to as: ISP.

Refers to the act of commencing an offensive attack on a sector occupied by one or more developed Planets. Fig Killing and Cannon Suppression are both a conjoined part of Invading. During each invasion or attempt to escape the following events occur, in-order (as applicable):

When entering the sector without the use of a Photon:
1 – Check for the random NavHav penalty, (if the Navhaz is at 100% the penalty will always be applied.) If the penalty is activated, any NavHaz in the sector will apply damage to the Ship accordingly, (10-points damage per 1% NavHaz.)
2 – If Limpet Mines are present one will attach to the Ships hull, (the Limpet message will actually display prior to the NavHaz damage message, as applicable.)
3 – If any Armid Mines are present, there will be a check for detonation. If detonation does occur, then 50% of the Armid mines will detonate, (rounding the count down if it is uneven.)
4 – Each Planetary Q-Cannon will fire, in order of lowest Planet number to highest, according to each Planets Fuel Ore supply and their sector percentage settings; this will occur until either the Ship is destroyed or each of the Planets Q-Cannons have fired.
5a – The sector offensive Fighters will attack at 1:1 odds and will send 1.25 times the number of combined Shields and Fighters that Invading Ship is capable of carrying. Any remaining Fighters will remain in the sector to be dealt again upon the next reentry.
– OR –
5b – The sector defensive Fighters will challenge, placing the Invading player at the attack prompt, thus being forced to either attack, retreat, or surrender their Ship, this occurs until all of the defensively deployed Fighters have been defeated. The sector defensive Fighters have 1:1 odds.
– END –
6 – If there were any Armid Mines in the sector, the Invading player will be asked if they want to avoid the sector in the future. At this point, the player is returned to the main command prompt. NOTE – There may still be Mines of either type (Armid and/or Limpet) and deployed Fighters remaining within the sector to be dealt with upon the next sectorial reentry.

When attempting to land on a shielded Planet without the use of Photons:
1 – The Atmospheric Q-Cannon will fire, according to the Planets Fuel Ore supply and Atmospheric percentage settings.
2 – The Invading player will be prompted to attack the Planets shields; all Planetary Shields must be destroyed, prior to proceeding.
3 – Once the Planets Shields are destroyed, then the Atmospheric Q-Cannon will fire again, according to the Planets Fuel Ore supply and Atmospheric percentage settings.
4 – The Planetary offensive Fighters will attack; they will only attack once all Shields have been destroyed and after the Q-Cannons have fired. The Planetary offensive Fighters attack at 2:1 odds and will send 1.25 times the number of combined Shields and Fighters that the Invading vessel is capable of carrying.
5 – The Invading player will be prompted to attack the Planetary Fighters. The Planetary Fighters will defend at 3:1 odds. NOTE – Each time the Invading player leaves the Planet to refill their shipboard Fighters, the Daily Logs will announce that they were defeated by the defending Planet.
6 – After successfully defeating the Planetary Fighters, the Invading player will be placed at the Planets main prompt at which time they should immediately enter the Citadel to claim ownership of their newly acquired Planet.

An acronym for: Imperial StarShip.

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