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 Glossary (G) 
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Unread post Glossary (G)
A Gateway refers to the entrance to a Tunneled throughway, which is a series of connecting sectors that have one way in or out on both sides. A Tunnel may consist of one or more 2-way sectors or one or more 1-way sectors (or a combination there of), which connects the Gateway to Open Space. A Gateway can exist as an entrance to a Bubble or large Dead-end.

Genesis Torpedoes
These are used by Ships to create new Planets. Also referred to as: Gtorps.

Global Setting’s
This refers to any configurable setting on a TWGS that will effect every active game on that specific server, these settings include: Ack Interval, Daily Log Limit, Data Segment Size, Days to Pass Before Player Deletion, Desqview Pacing, Subspace Ether Probe Movement Delay, Max Command per Poll Interval, Player Inactivity Time, Poll Interval, and Ship Movement Delay. These settings are not actually displayed in the games configuration settings.

Gold Bubble
A Gold Bubble is created by the SysOp or GameOp, through the use of the TradeWars Gold Extensions. Bubbles are a minimum of 100-sectors in size, although the maximum (up to 19,900) depends upon the number of Bubbles the SysOp or GameOp has adjusted the settings to. The larger a universe is, the larger the Bubbles can be. Gold Bubbles often have two or more ways in and out.

Gold Editor
This is apart of TWGS and is only available to registered clients, the Gold Editor permits the SysOps and GameOps to virtually customize each of their games as desired, although there are minimum and maximum limitations and guidelines for each individual setting that must be followed according to the TWGS version being used.

Gold Mode
This enables the TradeWars Gold Edition features that allow for the SysOps or GameOps to edit the games Aliens, Planets, Ships, and to implement the 1,000-20,000 sectored universes. This Mode also permits certain game settings to be modified or adjusted as desired. Gold Mode additionally enforces more stringent combat Alignment penalties. Gold Mode may be either enabled or disabled when used in conjunction with MBBS Mode, either Mode may only be changed during the games initial Bang.

Gold Tools
The Gold Tools are a set of applications that internally enables the use of the Gold Editors within TWGS such as for customizing and creating new Aliens, Planets, and Ships.

This refers to the process of deploying Fighters in adjacent sectors thereby creating a grid. This effectively allows a player to watch over that area of Fighter occupied space and monitor the movement of other players. Also referred to as: Fig Clouding.

Grimy Hunting
Refers to when a player seeks assistance from the Grimy Trader for opposing player information in an attempt to track that players whereabouts. Each attempt at Grimy Hunting requires approximately a few hundred-thousand Credits, these Credits are used to ask the Grimy Trader about "Bribe" and then about "Trader", after the Grimy Trader accepts the players token-offers the Grimy Trader will ask the player to enter the name of the player that they would like to be queried. This process allows paying players to track other players according to the Ports that they docked at, this information is based upon the literal name of the Ship they were using at the time and if they had their own Corporate or Personal Fighters stationed in the sector at the time they Ported, thus the accuracy of this information depends upon how many Ship matching the queried players Ships name exist within the game at the time of the query. If the queried players Ship has been Capped, destroyed, or sold, Grimy Hunting will yield incorrect or negative results. Information gained from the Grimy Trader is: the StarPort name, the StarPort sector, and the number of days past since the queried player has last Docked at that StarPort. Grimy Hunting is more effective when used in conjunction with CIM Hunting. Also referred to as: GT Hunting.

Grimy Trader
The Grimy Trader is located on the StarDock inside the Lost Trader's Tavern. The Grimy Trader offers advise to all curious players, whom are willing to pay his "service fees". Much of his advice is considered by many to be nothing more then farfetched red herrings.

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