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 Glossary (E) 
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Refers to the individual game configuration or settings as determined by the TWGS’s SysOp or GameOp. Almost every aspect of TradeWars can be customized, within of course the minimum/maximum limitation as internally defined by the function and structure of the game. The majority of the game settings can be viewed by any user at the opening introduction menu by pressing: ‘*’, for further information on the available configuration of the individual settings, please review the TradeWars 2002 SysOp Editor, within a fully registered copy of TWGS, which is located within the ‘Editors’ tab of the ‘Command Center’ window.

This is considered the most value per unit commodity within TradeWars, the only purpose it has it to generate profit either by producing it on a Planet through Colonist production and selling it off in bulk through Planet Nego, Trading it through either PPTing, robbing/stealing tactics, or by any combination thereof. Equipment may also be required to advance the Level of a Planet’s Citadel. Also referred to as: EQ.

Ether Probe
Technically called SubSpace Ether Probes, these devices are used by players to explore sectors that have yet to be explored by that player. Ether Probes are easily destroyed by deployed Fighters. During their travel they gather information about the sectors they pass through the same as if their user had physically travel through the sectors themselves.

Evil Pair
A pair of Ports that are near each other that both buy Equipment, (i.e. a SBB and SSB port in adjacent sectors.) These are used by Reds to run SSM and other Credit producing tactics. The ports may actually have more than one hop between them, but they must be within the maximum transporter range of the vessel being used, such as the commonly used COLT. With an exception if Bwarping is being used, still either way the Ports should be as close as convenience permits.

Refers to a player of a Corporation that has been assigned the duty of gathering sectorial and StarPort information on unexplored sectors, ether by Manual-warping, through the use of Ether Probing, or a combination thereof.

This refers to the daily TradeWars maintenance program that serves to cleanup the game. Extern can be set to occur at anytime as determined by the SysOp or GameOp. The following occurs during extern (in-order):

1 – Check for players with mixed Alignments operating within the same Corporation and apply penalties to all Corporate members as applicable.
2 – All empty Ships left in FedSpace are repossessed, (unless they are locked in tow or in the process of being traded in or sold to the Shipyard.)
3 – Players are towed out of FedSpace for armament violations, (i.e. having more than 100-Fighters shipboard in FedSpace while off-line.)
4 – Check to determine if the number of off-line players parked in FedSpace exceeds the games settings, if a violation is found against FedSpace Regulations then that number of players over the limit are towed out of FedSpace into a random sector, (which players to actually get towed is also a random process.)
5 – Reset each player’s daily Taxation rights (applicable to each player having a 0 or greater Alignment), which is 5-percent of on-hand Credits upon their first login of the new day.
6 – Reset the Grimy Trader’s daily curse penalty, which is issued for cursing at the Grimy Trader.
7 – Each player’s daily Pod count is reset to 2, although SD'ed players are not permitted back into the game until Midnight.
NOTE – If Extern is set before Midnight (using the TWGS’s actual system time) and a Player gets Podded prior to reaching Midnight, their daily PLC will not reset until the next day’s Extern occurs.
8 – Reset the daily Jettison Colonist penalty, which is issued for dumping Colonists into space from your ship.
9 – Reset the daily Alignment loss penalty, which is issued for attempting to break into another Corporation, by guessing their password.
10 – Perform the Clear Busts function (depending on the day, although in MBBS mode, this action occurs daily.)
11 – All NavHaz is cleared from FedSpace.
12 – All Fighters and Mines (both Armid and Limpet) are removed from the MSL's. All Planets remaining within an MSL sector that is greater then Level-2 are downgraded to Level-2.
13 – Perform a check to see if the Planets in overloaded sectors will collide, only two Planets will collide per Extern; each Planet over the maximum allowed per sector (as per the games settings determined by the SysOps or GameOps preferences), increases the chances of a collision occurring by 10-percent. The actual Planets chosen to collide is a random process.
14 – All NavHaz and radiation clears or reduces according to the game settings, (based upon the SysOps or GameOps preferences.)
15 – Destroyed Class 0 and 9 StarPorts rebuild once the radiation level has been completely dissipated.
16 – All StarPort construction advances by one day.
17 – Players and Corporations that have remained inactive are removed from the game, according to the games inactive player settings as determined by the SysOps or GameOps preferences. The removed players remaining assets are then turned Rogue, if all the players of a Corporation are removed then the Corporation’s total assets also go Rogue.

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