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Author:  RexxCrow [ Fri May 12, 2006 1:14 pm ]
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I have finished another portion of the manual that is to include addresses to most all related TW sites, from games, information, programs, forums, etc. All are categorized and in alpha-order. If there are any corrections and/or additions please let me know so I can make necessary changes to them. I figured it would be good to include this as apart of the project so this info is readily available to users. (Regarding the TelNet section, originally I had about a dozen sites listed but just tested all the links and removed the ones that no longer worked, which left only one site remaining in that category. If you would like a site and/or your site listed, please don't hesitate!)

[url="http://blackhorizontwgs.net/TWGS_References.PDF"]View TWGS Reference's[/url]

Author:  RexxCrow [ Sun May 14, 2006 10:53 am ]
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Could anybody advise me if I should consider this portion correct with no other site info to add or modify? These contain web-site, forum, helpers, and server information for users?

Author:  RexxCrow [ Sun May 28, 2006 1:14 am ]
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I updated these after going through to include all of the TelNet info, some of the sites did not connect so I am not sure if they are just down temporarily or if they are no longer active, also some I could not find. Any additions or corrections please let me know. thanks in advance.

(Careful mousing over the links, I just found out PDF's actually let them activate still, that is kinda cool though!)

[url="http://blackhorizontwgs.net/TWGS_References.PDF"]View TWGS Reference's[/url]

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