Gone Rogue massive BigBang - all games rebanged
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Author:  Shadow [ Thu Feb 03, 2022 12:30 am ]
Post subject:  Gone Rogue massive BigBang - all games rebanged

Okay, after a year and a half, it's time to rebang again.
All games are rebanged as of this evening. I have set staggered open dates for some games, while others are open immediately.

Gone Rogue TWGS -- TradeWARS not TradeHUGS
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Games Open NOW:

<H> Poker Run - 5k turns, 20k sectors
<J> The Boneyard SOLO - Unlimited turns, 30k sectors
<K> Battlestar SOLO - 10k turns, 20k sectors
<L> World War III - Unlimited turns, 30k sectors
<M> Moo2 - 5k turns, 20k sectors

Opening Fri Sep 4 2022 @ 8pm EDT:

<A> Alien Retribution - Unlimited turns, 30k sectors
<B> Ultimate Borg - 20k turns, 30k sectors
<C> Cronos Challenge - Unlimited turns, 30k sectors
<D> Dragon Slayer - 25k turns, 20k sectors

Opening Sat Feb 5 2022 @ 8pm EDT:

<E> Star Trek - 10k turns, 20k sectors
<F> Sub Zero - Unlimited turns, 30k sectors
<G> Sub Zero Turns - 10k turns, 20k sectors
<I> Pirates Final - 5k turns, 10k sectors

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