Tradewars League New Server Launch
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Author:  Sultan Bey [ Thu May 07, 2020 10:44 am ]
Post subject:  Tradewars League New Server Launch

Alright, we are back to having a super fast and reliable server. Same one that Fire was hosted on. The new bangs are as follow:

All games open on 8th May 2020 at 9pm EST

<A> Subzero (Unlim) - Unlim - 20k Sectors
<B> Subzero - 10k Turns - 20k Sectors
<C> Star Trek (Unlim) - Unlim - 20k Sectors
<D> Star Trek - 10k Turns - 20k Sectors
<E> Ultimate MOO2 - 3k Turns - 20k Sectors
<F> Ultimate Borg - 10k Turns - 20k Sectors
<G> Star Trek Subzero AR - Unlim - 30k Sectors
<H> Dragon Slayer - 25k Turns - 20k Sectors
<I> Ragnarok - 10k Turns - 20k Sectors
<J> Big Business - Unlim - 20k Sectors
<K> Alien Retribution - 25k Turns - 20k Sectors
<L> Poker Run - 10k Turns - 10k Sectors

In Ultimate MOO2 I have increased all products in the game by at least double and have lowered the cost of Gtorps and Dets to the absolute minimum.

I know it was discussed that the perfect timing combination is 50/50, but I have decided to try 25/25 this go round.

All alien ships are set to spawn on day 1.

The Alien Starship in Star Trek has been made active, and the Q Enterprise in Ultimate Borg is also active.

Interactive Sub-Prompts are active in all games.

The only real rule I have at the moment is no Dupes. We're all adults here and know how this game works, but lets play with some sensibility.

Other than that, Happy Hunting.

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