Jan. 23,2019 Rebangs
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Author:  Vid Kid [ Tue Jan 22, 2019 6:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Jan. 23,2019 Rebangs

<C> Sub-Zero - 20k Sectors , 3000 * 2 turns

5 Man Team , 4 Planets/sector unlimited time / day.
3 Alien Planets to Take to end game before day 99'ish.
Extern @ 12 am server time
Winners : Aileron & Meathead
Scheduled for rebang

<F> Pirates - 10K UNIV. Unlim Turns MBBS

4 man Team , 4 Planets/sector
1 Alien Planet to Take to end game before day 99'ish.
8 hr. Time limit
Extern @ 12 am server time
Winner : Shell Shock
Scheduled for rebang

<I> On The Road Again - 20K UNIV. 2.5K * 2

4 Man Team , 4 Planets/sector
9 Alien Planets to Take to end game or declair defeat when over 99 days.
Extern @ 12 am server time
No Winners : over 105 days old
Scheduled for bang

Special Note :
To make game more interesting I have set Capture Fail Rate between 5% and 25%
Also I may have set the Planet Product Restriction to On , on planets that come with
product to slow/stop the pimping.
One more thing to note is that all Alien Planets now have PIG set : ON

I use the Port Fixer on All Games to set
Dock Sector to & from Fed Space and as a SBB port.
Check all in Game info from the Computer Prompt CC? & CJ?
as Provided by Promethius's script w/ mods from Vid Kid.

Most Games Objectives :
To take all Alien Planets & hold on to them till rebang.
Not intended as a Kill off compitition first game.
Be a sport and play with some compitition on your tail.

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