Better World Trade script for SWATH?
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Author:  Ripcord [ Tue Jul 20, 2021 9:56 am ]
Post subject:  Better World Trade script for SWATH?

Anyone know of a better world trade script?

The one built into SWATH is pretty good, but it has some problems (like, occasionally gets stuck in a corner) and can be slow as hell (way too many unnecessary commands). It's useful at some stages of the game, but not perfect. Plus since it's built-in, I can't modify it myself. And I tend to make money WAY faster just manually looking around for trade pairs and using the built-in trade pair script.

There's an old version on the SWATH site that I assume the built-in one is based on, but it's older and more primitive. I don't see anything better. For generally:

- Just automating moving around and trading to make money, making smart choices about what to trade
- Moving safely
- Clearing out other dropped fighters (nice to have more controls around the behavior there)
- Exploring (as a side-effect of bubbling around the universe)
- Optionally dropping fighters along the way.

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