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Author:  Vid Kid [ Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:13 am ]
Post subject:  Game Objectives & Anouncements

Ok , I had a conversation that brought up a point for another feature missing in tradewars.

All Objectives would be posted in Galactic Announcement
with a defined End Date.

First the definitions :

1) Capture the flag games - capturing alien planets for final end of game.
2) Blood Bath Game - Killing every player in game , last man standing.

The first one , can easily be done and checked in t-edit by sysop.

The second one needs a new feature , similar to the kill count on ships
but kept in the player database.

Now I am not talking about having a script run to keep an eye on dailies.

Just like a player has ship deaths count in 'I' screen , have one with
kills as well.

Then at the end of the game the sysop goes into 'U' user accounts
for the final count.

I realize that a planet kill , cannon kill will not be counted.

And the edit would have to be edited for such games to include :

Fed squatters = 0
All ships set to carry zero cloaks

Access Manager set :
Game Closed @ 11:58 PM to 12:05 AM
Multiplayer Access @ 12:05 AM to 11:58 PM

No death limits need to be set , and this will end with a definite winner
based on objective of Blood Bath rules .. of most kills by a player.

What do you think ?

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