Star Killer's Ice9 January Rebangs
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Author:  Star Killer [ Wed Jan 08, 2020 5:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Star Killer's Ice9 January Rebangs

sk-twgs.com Port 2002
All Games Open January 10th 9pm ET.

Special Note: All Server rules are posted on the Ice9 Website at
sk-twgs.com Each game type has a color code on the website that matches the color of that game type on the server. Green For Builders Games. Cyan For Regulated Games. Brown For Sand Box Games. Yellow For Unregulated Games. It is your responsibility as the player to know and understand these rules.

Unregulated Games:

Game D:
Star Killer's Crazy Aliens
30,000 Sectors
15,000 Turns

Note: This Game has moved from a regulated game to unregulated per request.

Game K:
5,000 Sectors
1,000 Turns

Game O:
Babylon 5 Unregulated(Mod)
30,000 Sectors
Unlimited Turns

Note: This is a modified version of the builders edit run as unregulated game for players to test future changes to the builders game

Regulated Game

Game C:
Solo Olde Timers
10,000 Sectors
1,500 Turns

Sand Box Games

Game S:
Sandbox Stock
1,000 Sectors
250 Turns

Game T:
Sandbox Gold
2,000 Sectors
500 Turns

Author:  Star Killer [ Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Star Killer's Ice9 January Rebangs

Also Now Open...

Game M:
Star Killer's Planet Capture
30,000 Sectors
Unlimited Turns
Created with a script by Xanos, based on a concept by Vid Kid.
2 Alien and 10 Random Planets need to captured to end game.
Note: This is a Special test game that I will be in to test this new edit. You are welcome to come help me test but no player on player combat will be permitted As this is NOT a real game. Once testing is complete it will be opened as an normal game.

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