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Author:  The Founder [ Fri Sep 07, 2001 9:33 pm ]
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Ok someone with some advanced alien editing experience needed. Got a game running with Gold Aliends they have a 10 sector layout. Two problems having with them first I know is a configurable option just not sure how to fix it, is that the aliens are running around with hundreds of millions of credits on them. This has definately ruined the playability of the game since the first team to figure this out was able to get a dramatic lead on all the others and it's turned into an alien hunting and killing spree.

2nd problem is that if you create new planets in the alien sectors they claim the planets and proceed to fill them up with product. So you can warp an L4 planet in let it sit for a few hours until they fill it with product for you then go back reclaim it and warp it out. They even on occasion begin dumping figs onto the planets left in their sectors as well so if they are not citadeled you just make a sweep through their space every few hours picking up free figs. Also not good for game play. What can be done to stop this behavior and have them act more realistically?? hehe

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