Enemy comes with planet bug in .49
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Author:  Tutunkommon [ Fri Sep 07, 2001 8:34 am ]
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I think I found a bug in .49, not sure on earlier versions. Last night, a corpie was online and did a planet drop on an enemy. The enemy did not die immediately as expected, and began to invade. Before the enemy had gotten through the planetary shielding, my corpie warped the planet out of the sector back to our bubble. The invading enemy was brought with the planet, even though he had still not penetrated the planetary shielding. He finished the invasion and took the planet with him.
I have seen similar when at stardock, where I have been at stardock, in the shipyard, and had my ship attacked and blown up. I remained at stardock, realized what happened, bought a new ship, trading in my pod, and when I quit out of stardock, was in whatever sector my pod had apparently 'escaped' to, in my new ship.
Any suggestion?

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