To easy to blow SD
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Author:  macahan [ Tue Sep 04, 2001 10:48 am ]
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A while back SD got blown in BOTE 2001 causing some bad blood.

Today I learned that in a game much smaller then BOTE they also did blow SD. My personall opinion is that SD is WAY to weak.
Come on 280k figs ? Takes a good team that start out from scratch an entire week in a 700 turn based game.

I can see SD getting blown after a couple of months game play but when the game is less then a week old or only a couple of weeks then SD obviously to weak..
And with NO way of making SD stronger except go in before game start and blow it and rebuild it a couple of times...

And from what I see in the forums a lot of people do make ferrengal stronger and harder to take then the initial lvl 3 M planet with 11k figs on it and 8k ore. Which could be taken on game day 2 by most players in a 1k turn based game..
Beef Ferrengal up by default. Save the sysops/game-ops some editing time and make it a planet with at a minimum 100k figs, few hundereds k's of ore.

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