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Author:  idbbssysop [ Tue Apr 17, 2001 2:40 am ]
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Ok once again i am here to just get some basic information and make sure that I have the right understanding of it. Today question is about the Jump Gate.
As i see it this will be a massive TWGS active game list?? OK cool i think this is awsome and well needed. But as a sysop of a TWGS I just wanted to know if there was a schedualed release to this. Here is my major reason behind this thought. I have recently Banged a game and posted it here on the rebage page. But the game has still just started and is still open to new people but my post about the rebang is sliping to the bottom and will soon be off the page. Just wanted to know if there was one massive list i could post an active game on.. or mabey the adresses of a couple of small lists other people advertise their games on

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