TWGS Bugs -- Very Freaky ;)
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Author:  hypnoticbob [ Fri Feb 23, 2001 3:05 am ]
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Hello. I'm having some very odd bugs in my TWGS Game. I'm using version 1.01.42 (, port 70).

1.) All ports, no matter the class/type (SSS, SSB, etc) are all "SSS" when docking/port trading.

2.) When in Stardock sector, and going to any other sector, you don't actually move. It says "Warping to sector XXXX" but you don't actually move.

3.) Along with the first bug... you can keep 'porting' and getting the 1exp for the 'first time port' (ie, infinite experience, technically).

P.S. - Is there any file(s) that I can send to you (JP) that would give you some info on the problems? Have these been brought to your attention? Heh, I COULD zip it up and send you the entire game if need be ;)

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