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 Rebuilding the Ships 
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Unread post Rebuilding the Ships
I am trying to come up with a way to encourage players to buy most of the ships available for sale, if not all of them.

Below is a rough draft of what I would put in the *.txt files for the ships.

■0. Ambulance Pod-When your ship is being destroyed, the Ambulance Pod is your only resort to escape. Get to your Homeworld or FedSpace in as few moves as possible and you better hope you don't run into any problems along the way. The Ambulance is useless other then to ATTEMPT to transport you to safety. It is not designed to get good "mileage." Good luck!

■1. The Zero-This nanoShip will be given to you when you enter the Trade Wars universe. It's sole purpose is to transport you from your Homeworld to the safety of FedSpace. It doesn't get good "mileage" and it's only capability is to transport you a short distance to presumed safety. It is very similiar to the Ambulance Pod. The Zero does not have an Ambulance Pod because they are about the same size.

■2. MicroMerchant Ship-This is the cheapest ship you can purchase. With a maximum of 5 holds, it is only designed to get you started in Trade Wars. This ship is not designed for travel outside FedSpace making profit gain difficult unless your willing to take a chance on weaponless exploration.

■3. Merchant Ship-This is a nice upgrade. It comes with a maximum of 10 holds and a small array of defensive weapons. It has a slightly better range then the MicroMerchant. Travel outside FedSpace, while still a hazard, is better suited for this ship then the MicroMerchant.

■4. MegaMerchant Ship-This is the grandest of the Merchant class. It comes with a maximum of 25 holds, a decent array of defensive weapons, and minor offensive capabilities.

■5. Zulu Ship-This ship is designed to do small scale battle. It is the cheapest battleship for small time Traders. It isn't cheap per say but it does provide a certain amount of safety and prestige. This ship is designed to do battle, not transport holds of merchant cargo.

■6. Scout Ship-This is a bear bones recon ship. It is speedy and is a good snooper into other sectors. It has no offensive capability other then it's recon systems. It does have some defensive capability. This is a small ship so an Ambulance Pod is not available.

■7. Corporate Cargo Ship-Once you create a corporation, you can purchase one of these. It can be upgraded to 50 holds. It's a good profit maker.

■8. Corporate Battleship-With the support of the corporation, this expensive beast is a real punisher in medium scale battles.

■9. Corporate Flagship-This corporate ship is capable of interesting war like operations. It is reserved for CEOs only.

■10. Federal Scout Ship-If you are ordained by the mighty Federation, you can perform agressive scoutning missions with this expensive ship. It pales the cheaper, smaller, lesser Scout Ship.

■11. Federal Battleship-Fight the Federation's battles in this massive monster.

■12. Federal Operations Ship-While certainly capable of defending itself, this ship can also handle some of the Federations dirty work.

■13. Federal Flagship-Information regarding this ship is classified. If you are approved to fly this, you will know.

■14. Military Battleship-This ship is often the last thing a bad trader will ever see. A Federal permit and a Corporate permit are required.

■15. Military Operations Ship-This ship does the dirty work of war on a very grand scale. A Federal permit and a Corporate permit are required.

■16. Military Flagship-Information regarding this ship is classified. A Federal permit and a Corporate CEO permit are required. This is believed to be the most powerful ship available to buy. The price tag concurs. But that's only a rumor.

In addition to these are the Ferrengi line of ships. Aliens will often fly the non-Corporate, non Federal, and non-Military ships. They have a few of their own ships as well.

There are also rumored to be a line of ships that are "unathorized" for Trade Wars space. No good trader would be caught alive in one of these (hint, hint). The Federation's outlawed rival, the Imperials, appear to be behind this unknown ships. If they exist at all.

Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:05 pm
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Unread post Re: Rebuilding the Ships
I'm working on an edit with that same intention. I posted about an earlier version here. I've kept the Ferrengi edits -- I think it's really cool for their ships to actually be worth capturing. But I've backed away from some of the other edits and kept them mostly stock. In the latest version, I've given the T'Khasi Orion a TWarp drive and turned the CargoTran into the Super CargoTran: 200 holds, 4tpw, and TWarp... and made it available only to blues.

There are a lot of other ships that still fall by the wayside. Nobody in their right mind would ever fly a BattleShip or a StarMaster, for instance. I haven't thought much about other ways to make ships interesting. Since offensive and defensive odds are separate stats, it might be interesting to make some ships offensively weak but defensively powerful, or vice versa.

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Sat Feb 11, 2012 6:22 pm
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Unread post Re: Rebuilding the Ships
Mongoose wrote:
There are a lot of other ships that still fall by the wayside. Nobody in their right mind would ever fly a BattleShip...

Oh... now don't go that far! I've used battle ships to take the shields off planets once the cannons are drained. Best battle odds in a stock game. ;)


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Unread post Re: Rebuilding the Ships
I have edited about half of the "human" ships. The independent ships and multiple corporate ships are done.

I am now working on the Federal ships and then I'll edit the Federal Military ships.

I have cranked the prices up on EVERYTHING, including the upgrades, to force players to save a fortune before they can purchase the next best ship.

As an independent, it will be a very expensive lifestyle. You will almost have to incorporate. To fly some of the better Federal ships, you MUST be in a corporation.

To fly a Federal Flagship or a Federal Military ship, you MUST be a CEO.

This will force the player to join a corporation and in time, if they aren't the CEO, they will have to break away to become a CEO.

I will most likely create a underground line of ships to compete with the Federal and Federal Military ships.

You will be able to purchase these but since they are underground ships, they won't be on display at the dock. You'll have to know what to do to gain access to them (not difficult for a seasoned player).

Anyone will be able to purchase them but they will be for the bad guys only. I can't control that in the game but that's the intent.

I will probably edit the ANSI files out of the game because they are no longer consistent with their associated ships. And I am not any good at creating ANSI art.

I will have to rewrite the texts and the docs to reflect the new ships.

Working in a DOS like enviroment is a slow process but it's getting done.

I will likely create a bunch of ports in FedSpace because the newbies are going to have a rough life until they can get into a corporation. That means the ports will be hit hard with traders which will tilt the price to sell and buy against the traders.

And those early ships don't carry many holds.

We'll see how it turns out.

Mon Feb 13, 2012 3:48 pm
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