Need direction? will TW run on linux or?
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Author:  jaybird [ Sat Aug 20, 2011 4:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Need direction? will TW run on linux or?

I would also love to be able to run TWGS on my Linode. However, my blindness combined with the fact that my server is a VPS present some special challenges. Even if I could get a Wine-based system to work, what all would I *not* be able to do if I couldn't access the TWGS GUI? In other words, what *can't* be done via remote admin, assuming an admin with the highest security level possible?

John, I assume a native Linux port of TWGS is either completely out of the question, or so far down the list of things to do that it will never reach the top because new bugs, feature requests, etc. will keep coming in?

I thought about asking if someone could construct a ready-to-run Tarball of everything I'd need to get a server started. However, that's only good until the next release of TWGS, at which point such a package is outdated.

Author:  Singularity [ Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Need direction? will TW run on linux or?

People have run TWGS on linux before under wine. It takes some configuration tweaks to do this. The problem I've found is that wine is not stable, if one process crashes wine it can take down the entire wine server. This means that all it takes is for wine to mishandle one tw process and the entire server dies.

Now this wouldn't be a problem is wine closed files gracefully, but it does not. Often during a crash like this, data gets corrupted. Considering how many files TWGS uses, it doesn't take very long before file corruption sets in and games stop working or start acting very weird.

For this reason, I do not advise running a server under wine. It is simply not where it needs to be. The wine community has never been very serious about fixing critical issues like this, they seem obsessed about getting a broken version of direct3d to run for gamers, instead.

There's nothing you can't do, strictly speaking. But because it's not stable, you're not going to find a complete package anywhere.

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